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Our catalogue contains works by an extensive range of composers.

Please note: This listing of composers and their works published by Mozart Edition (Great Britain) Ltd is not yet complete. For more information about works by the composers listed above or by composers not yet listed, please use the Sheet Music Enquiry form on the sheet music page to let us know your requirements.

About Edition UK

Edition UK represents the catalogue of the music publishing and recording company Mozart Edition (Great Britain) Ltd.

The catalogue includes more than 3,000 compositions and original recordings –  mainly of instrumental music of different kinds – produced since the early 1950’s to today by outstanding musicians and orchestras to the highest standards.

Established in 1957 in London, Mozart Edition (Great Britain) Ltd. in the 1960’s began releasing its music not only on tape but also on vinyl with the series ‘Selected Recordings’, compilations featuring different orchestras.

Some of the original pressings of these LPs are still available. Another series of compilations was released in the 1970’s on the ‘Raphaele Records’ label. Most of these LPs are also sold out – but for copies of the original pressings still available please see the link “Record Shop/LPs”.

More and more tracks from the catalogue have been released on CD under the ‘Mozart Records’ label. Recent and new recordings available on CD are ‘Stories’ by Jennifer Whyte, ‘A Wiltshire Elegy’ (David Lyon, The Royal Ballet Sinfonia/Gavin Sutherland), ‘Changing Places’ by Pamela Chilvers, ’12 Etudes’ by Edward Chilvers – all recorded in London with exceptional musicians.