Ronald Binge

Ronald Binge was born on 15th July 1910. As a boy, he was both a chorister and organist. Composing began at the age of seventeen when he wrote for a small cinema orchestra. In 1935, his association with Mantovani began, and Ronnie did all the arrangements for his orchestra at that time.

Ronnie was a Link Training Officer for the RAF in World War Two.  In 1945, he married Vera, one year after they had met for the first time. After the war, he spent a lot of time orchestrating others’ works and returned to work for Mantovani. It was during this period that he composed most of his works. In 1957 he  won the  Ivor Novello Award  for the best light orchestral composition of the year, Elizabethan Serenade.

His co-operation with Mozart Edition (Great Britain) Ltd began in 1960 and he recorded many works for Mozart Records. Ronald, who was a lively and exuberant character, died on 6th September 1979.

(Edited from the sleeve notes written by Vera Binge for the CD ‘Sailing By’, The Ronald Binge Collection Vol.1)

Scores available:

At the End of the Day  (Quick Step)

Autumn Dream

Banbury Cross

Beyond the Hills

Beyond the Horizon

Born on Sunday


Candles on the Table

Come With Me

Cosmorama (4 movements)

  1. Deep Sea 2. Open Country
  2. Night Sky 4. City Lights

Fugal Fun

Give Me a Ring

Have You Forgotten


I Hear Guitars

I Like Your Smile

I Sent You Roses

It’s Your Birthday Today

I’ve Got a Date

(The) Jolly Swagman

Last of the Clan

Little dancer

(The) Look in Your Eyes

Love at First Sight

Lover’s Fancy

(The) Moon Looks Down  (Slow Waltz)

Morning Light  (Waltz)

Music for Fun

Perhaps I’m Young

Prima Donna

Remember Me

Royal Blues

Sailing By

Sailing By arr. Rob Rainford (alto saxophone and piano) can be purchased from Forton Music

Sailing By arr. Rob Rainford (tenor saxophone and piano) can be purchased from Forton Music

(A) Scottish Rhapsody

Serenade by the Sea  (Slow Waltz)

Shall I Wait

She Was Sweet

(The) Sound of Music is Everywhere

(A) Star is Born (Slow Waltz)

Take a Look at Ireland

Tango Corto

Tell Me No Lies

There’ll Be Someone Waiting for You

There’s a Light in Your Eyes

This is Like Old Times

To Our Next Meeting

Unsophisticated Serenade

Up in the Morning

Waiting for the Moonlight

Waiting for You Again

Waterloo Bridge

We’ll Be Alone Forever

What Do You Know

When Guitars Are Playing

When You Are Young

Where is the Moon Tonight

(The) Yellow Parrot

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