Wilfred Josephs

Scores available

Aelian Dances:

1. Bobby Shaftoe 2. Hope You’ll Be Kind 3. The Keel Row
4. The Pitman Courtship 5. The 98th Jack’s Listed


Concerto For Light Orchestra




(The) Great War:

Theme (theme from the TV series ‘The Great War’)

March Glorious (for orchestra)

March Glorious (military band set)


Monkchester Dances

  1. The Fire Upon the Kee (Quay) 2. The Water of Tyne 3. Aboot the Bush Willy (Carillon) 4. The Gallow Gate Lad (string intermezzo) 5. Cushie Butterfield
    6. Elsie Marley


Serenade for Small Orchestra

  1. Prelude 2. Sarabande 3. Waltz 4. Barcarolle 5. Ecossaise


Spirit of the Waltz

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