String Quartet no. 30


Ray Kohn’s String Quartet no. 30
Full Score and one set of parts (violin 1; violin 2; viola; violoncello)   £15
(Extra scores / parts on request)

(Free limited edition CD of String Quartet no. 30, played by the Villiers Quartet, with the first few orders)

Have a look inside: below are the first 3x pages of the score; if you would like to see the rest of the score / individual parts, please email


You can hear all four movements (played by the Villiers Quartet) on the YouTube links here:

  1. Andante
  2. Alla Marcia
  3. Presto
  4. Allegro – Adagio – Allegro

Ray Kohn is a composer and violinist, best known for teaching and performing klezmer music since the 1980s. However, he developed a very strong affinity with the string quartet from a young age influenced by his close family friend, Norbert Brainin. Ray’s extraordinary series of string quartets reflect his feelings and thoughts – much like a personal diary. The premier of String Quartet no.30 was performed by the Villiers Quartet in 2018.

Ray says: “String Quartet no. 30 is full of the despair that many of us felt in the year of its composition, 2016. Politically in the USA, Europe and the UK, the rise of the far right represented a very real threat to the way of life that we had tried to build for ourselves, our children and grand children. However, it was not until images of the death and destruction wrought upon the ancient city of Aleppo that the sounds of this quartet invaded my head, keeping me awake until I could notate what I heard.”