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Peter Hope

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ehQVF-Wk2s Peter was born in Stockport, Lancashire on 2nd November 1930. The Peter Hope Collection CD and the newly released double CD 'Through the Crystal' contains many of his 1960s-1980s output written under his own name and under the pseudonym, William Gardner. You can find out more about Peter on his website. You can hear an hour long special about Peter on the 'Lively Lounge' (Radio Six International) - with an excusive 90th Birthday... more

Changing Places (CD)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PCd3aQcxhb4 Pamela's debut CD for Mozart Records - 'Changing Places' -  features solo piano pieces, as well as duets. “…atmospheric miniatures beautifully played by the composer herself…” wrote the magazine International Piano in its recent review of this... more

Madeleine Dring

https://youtu.be/6GC9aPo2zac Scores available: Danza Gaya Festival Scherzo For enquiries, please use the form... more

Pamela Chilvers

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuJJuku2JbU Pamela was awarded a Scholarship to study Piano with Fanny Waterman in Leeds, and later, at the Royal Academy of Music, she gained GRSM LRAM and the Performance Certificate. A PGCE at Reading University and Music Therapy Diploma from Bristol University followed along with CDs 'The Therapeutic Piano' and 'The Transparent Piano'. She recorded 'Changing Places', a CD of her own compositions, for Mozart Edition (Great Britain) Ltd in April 2014 at... more

Vilem Tausky

Scores available: Soho (Scherzo for Orchestra) For enquiries, please use the form... more